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How to Choose the Best GoPro for Your Needs

GoPro's are some of the most versatile and durable cameras on the market, making them a popular choice for capturing memories while participating in action sports and other adventures. However, with so many models to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your needs. In this post, we'll go over the key factors to consider when choosing the best GoPro for you.

  1. Camera Resolution: Consider the camera resolution, which determines the quality of the photos and videos you can capture. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of your footage will be. GoPro typically steps up with resolution with every camera, so the more recent models have the highest resolution. The Hero 9, 10 and 11 all record up to 5.3k video. That's a big video, and once you know how to get the most out of the camera, the high resolution will make your videos look better.

  2. Frame Rates: Frame rates determine the smoothness of your video footage. A higher frame rate results in smoother video, especially for playing your videos back in super slow motion. All of the GoPro cameras from the Hero 3 on offer slow motion frame rates for slow motion. However, the more recent models have slow motion with high resolution video. The Hero 10 and 11 can record 2.5x slow motion in 5.3k and 5x slow motion in 4k.

  3. Battery Life: The battery life of a GoPro can vary depending on the model and how you use it. Consider how long you need to capture footage and choose a GoPro with a battery that can meet your needs. The Hero 11 Black comes with a new style of battery called the Enduro that lasts longer than the previous "standard" battery.

  4. Water Resistance: If you plan on using your GoPro while surfing, swimming, or diving, look for a model that is waterproof or water-resistant. Any camera before the Hero 5 needs to be used with a protective case since the camera itself is not waterproof. However, from the Hero 5 on, the camera is waterproof to 33' (10m) without an additional case.

  5. Video Stabilization: Video stabilization helps to minimize shaky footage and is an important feature to consider, especially if you plan to capture action footage. Once again, stabilization has continued to improve with every release. The Hero 7 was the first GoPro with good stabilization, but it has gotten even better since then.

  6. Price: GoPros can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Consider your budget and what features are most important to you. If you can afford it, it's always best to start out with the most recent model and the newest technology.

By considering these factors, you'll be able to choose a GoPro that meets your needs and helps you capture the best possible footage.

To further enhance your skills and make the most of your GoPro, consider enrolling in one of Jordan Hetrick's GoPro training courses. These online GoPro masterclasses will help you learn the ins and outs of your camera and give you the tools you need to create professional-quality videos.

Thanks for reading and happy GoPro'ing!


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