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Gopro 11 LEAK- THIS is what the Hero 11 Black will look like!

The Leaked GoPro Hero 11 Black
Image Credit: Roland Quandt (

The first "official" leaked photos of the Hero 11 Black were just released, and the Hero 11 Black looks exactly like the Hero 10 (and Hero 9, for the matter). Obviously, the big improvements yet to be revealed are what's happening inside the camera. Although there have been lots of rumors and wish lists, the internal upgrades are still unknown since we haven't received any camera specs yet. Stay tuned for those- I'll post them as soon as they are released!

Roland Quandt ( posted the high quality images of the yet to be released Hero 11, which are almost sure to be legitimate photos of GoPro's upcoming action camera. Quandt has accurately leaked both the Hero 9 and Hero 10 several weeks before the release.

There has been lots of speculation about the GoPro Hero 11 Black, but until now, all of it was just that- speculation. Now that we have a batch of photos, we know what to expect on the outside at least.

The good news about the Hero 11 design is that it should be compatible with any accessories you already own for the Hero 9 or 10. That is a plus for anyone wanting to upgrade to the Hero 11. Now, we just need to see what GoPro has come up with. Could it be a new sensor? More resolution? Better stabilization? Faster frame rates? Better colors and less overheating? I'm expecting and hoping for all of these things.

Based on the date of the leaks and past camera releases, I would expect the Hero 11 to be available around September 15th.

Until then, stay posted and have fun out there! You guys are the best!

Jordan Hetrick

All Images: Roland Quandt (win


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